The First Touch


Autumn has been troubled by voices and visions for years, though she would never admit that to anyone. She desperately tries to appear normal, to hide herself from the world, and most importantly from a padded room. However, after a chance encounter with a handsome stranger on a street corner, her carefully orchestrated life takes a turn towards the unexpected.

Ivan, a man so eerily handsome that he just has to be no good, especially for Autumn. It is no surprise then, after a visit to a coffee shop, that Autumn discovers why her companion does not drink a drop. After seeing through the cracks in his armor, Ivan begins to have an uncanny semblance to the monsters from the storybooks.

Autumn realizes too late then that this casual moment, with this illusive stranger could just be her undoing. Forcing her to piece together her mistakes, in order to save humankind from a plague that threatens to destroy them all.