Wolf Party

Welcome to the Party...

Dean, a handsome male, betrothed to a fetching female, with whom he has absolutely no interest, quickly, makes a rash decision to change his fate, by bringing in yet another to the pack.

Meanwhile, the powerful leader, the Alpha, immediately finds himself drawn to an unlikely female, a new blood with a wild streak, who is constantly finding trouble. Temptations mounting, and danger looming, the Alpha must deny his own feelings and stay focused on the pack.

Aubry is a lovely human, who mistakenly, draws the gaze of these creatures of myth, and is swiftly swept away by them. Frightening as they appear, she discovers who the real monsters are, as hunters arrive, and begin wiping everything from their paths. Now, with danger on her tail, she must learn to navigate and survive, among the deadliest animals on the planet, werewolves.