Things I Learned in the Dark2

Welcome to the school for the undead....

Awakening to the sounds of beautiful music, Anna is abducted from her life and thrust into another, where Vampires, Werewolves, and others the dark.


Her kind is a special breed, hunted to near extinction, for their addictive blood. She is the only one left, hiding in plain sight, vulnerable and fearful of causing an outbreak of monstrous proportions. Since a single drop of her blood, turns the infected insane, with desire for more of her.


She soon discovers the true curse of the Charmling though, is her body begins working against her as well, burning with an unnatural hunger for the men in her life. Grimm the handsome professor cursed with blood like acid and the brooding Sabin who could kill her with a single bite, do nothing to deter her urges.


Once the blood hits the water, she finds herself running out of places to hide, from her unpredictably dangerous needs or those aimed at keeping her for their own nefarious purposes.