Werewolves exist...

There are things in the dark that will eat you, and yes you should be afraid.

Aubry has always been ahead of the learning curve, when it came to life as a creature of myth. However when her mate is taken she must face the things in the dark that her husband has always kept from her. He meant to protect her, he meant to save her, but what he really did was screw her over.

The place where men go to die...

In an arena hidden deep beneath the earth, creatures of every kind are forced to fight to the death, their blood used to fuel magic far beyond their reach.

When the Alpha is taken, Aubry follows his trail to retrieve him, just as any good wife would do. What she discovers below the surface is far worse than she ever could have imagined. The hunting parties of her past are nothing compared to these... soulless things.

They are not frightened. They are powerful, and they are prepared for every contingency.

What they fail to see is the determination of a woman utterly in love.

Darkness be warned, a werewolf is coming...