shrunk wolf party 3 cover



Welcome to the world of werewolves.

Less than a year has passed, since the Alpha’s wife, Aubry faced a gruesome monster, who forced her to take her loved one’s life. Now with a heavy heart, she faces a new danger without his protection.

The ancient barrier which once held the vampires in place has been broken releasing a power unlike any she has ever seen before. Where the world’s most perfect killers, werewolves are sent out for blood. Aubry meanwhile, must hold onto her sanity, among the continued challenges for her young head. While vampires, bent on revenge, are swarming her lands, and a handsome new stranger appears, tempting her to trust, yet another beast, in exchange for a grim solution.

In the meantime, her closest confidant, and strongest supporter, hides his true self, threatening her last chance at survival.

Be prepared, darkness comes….