White lights stand against the night...

The ancient barrier is broken and fading fast, releasing a new danger,
which threatens the safety of the Alpha's line and now the world's most prefect
killers, Werewolves, are out for blood.

Aubry the new omega holds her position, by sheer will alone, with
the ever-present risk to her children;
she must maintain order, and her sanity among the continued challenges for her
head. Meanwhile, vampires, bent on revenge, are steadily invading her lands,
and killing at will, drawing unwanted attention upon the packs.

Then, a handsome new stranger appears... to kill her.

His eyes glow red, just like the creature who took her love, but this
is a whole new kind of beast. The noble blooded Nicolai, whose passion and
commitment to safety, nearly rival her own, has come from far-off lands, to
take what is needed to save his people...her head. The problem is, his smoldering
good looks entice her to make yet another mistake, and awaken inner beasts, long
since forgotten, and not in the way that either expected.

With the truth revealed, the lights begin to fade, as the two struggle
to restore the balance before what has been caged comes to collect what it was
promised... humanity.

Be prepared, darkness comes...